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In addition to dog training, here at ABSOLUTELY PAWSOME, I know (from experience) that there can be many reasons that you may require help with dog walking or cat or pet care. Whether you work full-time or shifts, are away for the day or on a night out, or maybe simply want a day off, ABSOLUTELY PAWSOME can be there for your beloved pet if you are unable to. Full of dedication to provide you with peace of mind, your pet is looked after, stimulated and gets the exercise and attention your best friend needs when out on an adventure with me.



ABSOLUTELY PAWSOME offers a professional and reliable dog training, walking and pet service in West Lothian, tailored to suit your and your dog's and cat's specific needs and circumstances. Training is undertaken using only positive and reward based training methods including play while walks are all taking place in a stimulating and safe environment. 









  • Pre-Puppy Consultations for first time or existing owners to help make the right choice when it comes to choosing a suitable breed with regards to lifestyle, family life, energy level and daily care such as training and grooming as well as understanding the fincancial impact of having a dog. Puppies and dogs are a lifetime committment so it is important that any new puppy owner is as knowledgeable as possible to prepare for life with a new family member. Those consultations also include advice on how to set puppy up for its first night and ongoing night time routines and toilet training, how to manage the biting and teething stage, how to get your puppy used to be left on its own as well as explaining the importance of socialisation and recommendations on equipment and diet.   
  • Puppy Consultations, training bundles and 1-2-1 training sessions for puppies and adult dogs (for example relationship building, toilet training, night-time routines, socialisation, teething/biting, chewing, jumping up, confidence building, appropriate play, management, life skill training like lead training and recall)
  • 30 minute puppy and adolescent solo training walks

All training is reward based and force-free avoiding punitive methods but understanding the dog's point of view! 

Prior to any visit, I would like to ask you to complete a pre-visit questionnaire to allow me to prepare for the session.  




  • Group Walks of no more than 5 dogs, lasting either 45 minutes or 25 minutes
  • Solo walks for the reactive or anxious and nervous dog 
  • Pet Taxi
  • Home and Puppy Visits




  • Cat Visits lasting about 20 minutes during which your cat will be fed, watered and played with and litter trays will be cleaned 



I offer a free, no obligation consultation visit to your home. During this visit, I would like to meet your best friend but I will also discuss your pet's specific needs with you and take details of your requirements. You will be asked to complete a form with information about your pet and a copy of my Terms and Conditions will be left with you.


You can be assured that your friend will have lots of fun, interaction both on a 1-to-1 basis or on group walks (where dogs are of course put together to complement their own unique characters) with lots of games, hide-and-seek, swimming, sniffing or just a leisurely stroll. Our walks take place in a safe environment mainly in woodlands and fields, away from busy streets, roads and parks.


After a walk on a rainy day, I will towel-dry your dog on our return, wipe down muddy paws and ensure that there is fresh drinking water available.


Cats will be able to enjoy their home comforts and surroundings while I attend to their physical needs and will also give them an outlet for play, interaction or cuddles, depending on your cat's individual needs. 




I am fully insured and disclosure-checked and hold a Canine First Aid Certificate. 



Should you wish anything that is not part of my services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me for more information. 




Above all, please rest assured that:



You can also find me on Facebook "ABSOLUTELY PAWSOME"


I would be only too pleased to provide you with more details or discuss your individual requirements. Contact me on 07484 288381 or use my contact form on the "Contact" page. 

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